7/8" Road Handlebars

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Renthal® Road handlebars are a 7/8" (22.2mm) diameter handlebar that utilizes the same materials and manufacturing process as our championship winning motocross handlebars.

For Road Use Only, these bars come without a cross brace and are available in 5 non-model specific bends to suit a wide range of motorcycles and riders. The Street-Fighter bend is the only model to feature cross brace and bar pad.

The Clutch side of all 7/8" handlebars are knurled. This gives a larger bonding area when applying grips to the handlebar.

Laser marked onto the centre of the handlebar, a detailed setup grip ensures you can centralise the bar in the mounts and accurately set the angle in the mounts.

Each handlebar undergoes 35 individual process to manufacture. Constructed in house allows use to carefully manage and monitor production using over 58 separate quality checks through production.

Low style is shown in photos

Style Width  Height Rise Base Sweep
Ultra-Low 725 mm 75 mm 80 mm 185 mm 95 mm
Low 730 mm 105 mm 75 mm 185 mm 125 mm
Medium 725 mm 115 mm 85 mm 185 mm 105 mm
High 710 mm 120 mm 105 mm 185 mm 105 mm
Street Fighter 755 mm 100 mm 60 mm 195 mm 80 mm