V-Twin Full Synthetic Premium Motor Oil

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Bel-Ray Lubricants are all mixed and made right here in the USA. We highly recommend them here at SSB and they are the oil that we personally use! It is the best of the best.

Give your bike the protection it deserves with a name that has a long and respected history of providing riders with high-quality lubricants.


  • Exclusive Bel-Ray anti-wear chemistry reduces bearing and valve train wear and keeps pistons and rings from scuffing
  • Features high-polarity synthetic-base oils which provide minimum friction for increased power
  • Unsurpassed shear and oxidation stability
  • Low-volatility base oils eliminate viscosity breakdown and formation of sludge and deposits for longer drain intervals and low oil consumption
  • Advanced multi-grade formulation means cold starts are safe and easy
  • Removes deposits, dissipates heat and lowers friction to reduce engine operating temperature
  • Flash point is extremely high which prevents oil burn-off, virtually eliminates oil consumption and keeps hot engines protected
  • Exceeds API SM/JASO MA2 specifications

(If you are unsure what weight or grade oil to use in your bike please contact us and we can answer all questions!)