Saddle Pack Mini Detailing Kit

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This Wizards Saddle Pack Mini Detailing Kit contains everything you need to get your bike looking like new. Great fot keeping in your backpack, saddlebag, as a gift, or as a trial pack to see which products work best for you. Comes in a  convenient travel bag. 

Contains one 2 oz. bottle of:

  • Mist-N-Shine - Professional detailer for gloss paints, chrome, and plastic. 
  • Vinyl Shine - Great for leather and vinyl (We strongly discourage using any product to shine tires as it may result in lack of traction)
  • Bike Wash - The perfect spray on rinse off cleaner
  • Bug Release - The best way to easily remove all those bugs guts 
  • 16" by 16" MircoFiber cloth - The only thing you should ever wipe your motorcycle with. Prevents scratches and swirls in your paint.