Konflict Glove

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The Icon Konflict Gloves were never properly socialized. They did not go to pre-school or to summer camp, and did not develop peaceful conflict resolution skills. They refuse to shake hands and have never heard “Kumbaya.”

Raised by a pack of rabid gnarwolves, their response to any challenge is unbridled primal aggression. Made from Ax suede and seamless Battlehide, they knuckle up with a mouthful of carbon canines. If you don’t play well with others and prefer to go your own way, the Icon Konflict Gloves are for you. Refuse to compromise. Choose Konflict.


  • Ax suede and Neoprene backhand
  • Compression-molded TPU/carbon knuckles
  • Seamless Battlehide goatskin leather palm
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Goatskin palm overlays
  • Precurved fingers